Straight Drive

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By Meenal Sinha


The straight drive is one of the most classical shots in a batsman’s repertoire. Batsmen present the full face of the bat as the ball races to the boundary through the offside. This is usually played to an over-pitched delivery on or outside off stump. The straight drive is about timing and placement rather than power. So most of the work is done by the top hand, with the bottom hand lending support.




  •  Position

Watch the ball and get your front foot as close as possible to ball. Make sure your head is positioned over your front knee.

  • Hit the ball late

It is important to wait for the ball so that contact is underneath your eyes. This is where you have the most power and control.

  •  Balance

To get into a balanced position and maintain a still head and eyes through the shot we must bend our front knee. This gives us much more stability through the shot which will allow for better timing and more power.


Some suggestions while playing straight drive are:-

  •  Looking to hit ball straight back past bowler .
  •  Quick feet from the batter are essential when getting to the ball.
  •  When advancing down the wicket, batter must aim to keep head as still as possible, and eyes level.
  • Batter needs to be in a still position by the time they make contact, and well balanced.


Playing with a straight bat is very important to decrease the possibility of getting edges. And there is just no parallel sight to a straight drive. Front foot driving, especially the straight drive, is the hallmark of a fine batsman. Six players who play the straight drive to perfection are Sachin Tendulkar (India), Michael Clarke (Australia), Ricky Ponting (Australia), Jacques kallis (South Africa), Rahul Dravid (India) and Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka).


Choose Cricket as Career or NOT?


By: Meenal Sinha

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. As far as cricket is concerned those who are obsessed with playing cricket they should keep some points in their mind like: :

Cricketers need to be athletic, naturally gifted people who are exceptionally talented in at least one of the THREE ASPECTS of the game of cricket. 


  • A career as a cricketer is for somebody who is willing to put in a lot of hard work before tasting success. 


  • They must be willing to sacrifice their education and even spending time with family if they want to get noticed by scouts and selectors.


  • A career in cricketing is only for those who can deal with pressure and live off a low income or have family support while they are still in their early days.

Well said by master blaster Sachin Tendulkar 

Before you lay a foundation on the cricket field, there should be a solid foundation in your heart and you start building on that. After that as you start playing more matches, you learn how to score runs and how to take wickets.”


You know your capabilities, there are no limits, the only limits you should know about the ones you set for yourself. Many people stay aback thinking about failures and try to cultivate their interests into another field instead of chasing their dreams. If you are passionate about Cricket then definitely you should go for it without a second thought. But if it is just an hobby it can’t be opted as career, it’s better to give up on it because wrong decisions may lead to destruction. If cricket is a religion, players are the god. So do it with passion or not at all.